Why Do Preschools have VPK Graduation ?

It's a waste of time, money and energy and more for the parents than the children. I quote Valerie Strauss from the Washington Post. But is it ?  I'd like to dismantle the 3  reasons Strauss gives to forget VPK Graduation.

1. It's Time well spent.

The children are being taught very valuable lessons.  Lessons in life that they will experience in due course but will have practiced it in a safe and fun environment. Apart from normal curricular activities, what life lessons are they learning?

  • The importance  of Planning and Preparation
  • Public speaking
  • Working to together as a team
  • Practicing makes perfect
  • The importance of dressing up for an occasion to show respect

2. It's investment money well spent.

Strauss goes on about it being wasted money. This is a weak defence put in on behalf of parents. For goodness sake, for the cost of a cheap meal you have invested in a memory that will never be forgotten. Oh, I hear you nay sayers say they will graduate High School and maybe even College so why do all this when the children will probably never remember. Well I say to you that when they are grown adults and the snap shots get taken out with themselves in all the graduation garb and tassels, they WILL remember. They will remember, (if only vaguely) that great teacher in VPK who helped them when they scraped their knees in the playground, who read them fantastic Dr. Seuss stories like "Green eggs and ham". Who taught them to write their own name and made them so proud as to show their handwritten name to Mom and Dad. And what about Grandma and Grandad who drove 100 miles to the 30 minute event? I bet they had a tear in their eyes when they saw their grandchild reciting songs. So for thirty bucks or so, I reckon that's a good deal.

3. No extra energy needed  

The preparation for VPK Graduation takes no more energy than other curricular activities. OK, the Center Director has to order the gowns, put out a couple of notices and maybe book a venue. but that's it really. If you count turning up and socializing for 30 minutes at the ceremony, then yes, thats additional energy. But maybe Ms. Strauss ought to lighten up a little, invite grandma and grandad, book a table at a local kid friendly burger or pasta joint,  put on her best frock and jump in the car with her child. isn't that what you do when you go out as a family on maybe a Friday night/weekend anyway. But this will be a special evening, I promise. 

3 reasons why Lake Mary Childcare put on a VPK graduation ceremony

1. There come a time in life when we mark the passing of time. A birth, a wedding, an important anniversary.  When a child has reached that stage in life when they are about to move from a small Childcare to the huge Public School system, then its a very big deal. It's probably the biggest change in their lifestyle that's about to happen. So to mark it with a ceremony is a very appropriate thing to do.

2. It's a great excuse to bring family members together for a great photo shoot and a piece of cake .

3. Its also a way of saying "THANK YOU", to the VPK teachers who have committed themselves for a whole year to preparing VPK children for public school, both academically and socially. I honestly believe these teachers are teachers in the truest sense of the word. It's the love of giving and expecting nothing in return, except a smile from the children and an end of year celebration.

Yes it's a Celebration